Oregano Oil for Candida Yeast Infection
Candida Natural Therapy Yeast Infection

Oregano oil for Candida Yeast Infection Cure

Herbs are used in medicines for a very long time. Pharmaceutical companies are using herbs for the creation of their products. But natural herbs are drastically safer compared to synthetically developed drugs. In this article we are going to focus on oregano oil as the subject matter here.

Oregano oil is well known for its ability to slow down food spoilage through its anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties. Oregano oil is a natural substance extracted from wild oregano species. For its creation, only the leaves of flowering plant are used precisely when the plant is highest in essential oils. Oregano oil is completely chemical free and is extracted from a natural process.

Nowadays Oregano oil is used by lots of people for getting rid of candida infection. One of the great advantage oregano oil is that, candida yeast is less likely to develop a resistance to it. So, once you have completed your cleanse, Oregano oil is the best choice for continuing your candida treatment.

Oregano Oil for Candida Treatment

As per a study conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center, it has been found that oregano oil has completely stopped the growth of candida albicans. The study also found that supplementing with oregano oil daily is a very effective treatment for candida yeast infection.

Oregano oil contains two antimicrobial agents named thymol and carvacrol. These agents fight with candida fungus by reacting with the water in the bloodstream and effectively dehydrates & kills candida cells.

In one another study, it has been found that oregano’s active ingredient carvacrol was more effective than 18 different pharmaceutical drugs. It was shown that even the small quantities of carvacrol was enough to sterilize septic water, kill giardia and treat candida yeast infections.

Directions for Consumption

Oregano oil is usually available as a liquid tincture or in softgel capsules. Oregano oil can be used in two ways:

Oral Consumption – Put 3 drops of oregano oil in water and drink it. In the beginning you can drink twice a day. Later you can drink 6 drops a twice a day. It’s recommended to drink one glass of water per 3 drops to prevent any burning in the mouth.

Softgels capsules are also a good option. Opt for softgets from Gaia Herbs, each of which contains 230mg oregano oil. You can have it after a meal once a day. Later you can further start having two softgel capsules per day.

Topical Application – Oregano oil is also effective against nail fungus and skin candida infection. Can be applied to the infected areas topically twice a day. Caution should be taken while in application on sensitive skin as it produces heat. You can add olive oil or coconut oil with oregano oil when applying to infected areas.

It’s recommended that while choosing for oregano oil, opt for products made with Oreganum Vulgare. Another thing to note here that the product you choose doesn’t contain any alcohol. That’s because alcohol is considered one of the food you should avoid when suffering from candida because it feeds candida.

Apart from candida treatment oregano oil has various other health benefits. Oregano oil can treat respiratory conditions such as colds and coughs. It can improve your digestion, reduce topical inflammation, boost the immune system etc. Oregano oil also helps maintain healthy skin and protects the body from free radicals cause by everyday toxins and pollutants. Its daily usage ensure there is no recurrence of candida yeast infections.

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