Alcohol and Candida Yeast Infection
Candida Yeast Infection

5 Reasons why Alcohol is bad for your Candida Infection

One of the biggest causes of on-going candida infection is a beverage that is most widely accept drugs – Alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption weakens the immune system, prevents restful sleep, lower energy levels and intensify mood swings. You may want to avoid drinking alcohol if you are already suffering from candida yeast infection.

Giving up alcohol is very important if you want to give your digestive system the very best chance to get into a healthy equilibrium. Drinking alcohol creates and perpetuates an overgrowth of yeast and candida perpetuates alcohol abuse and addiction. Yeast and alcohol abuse, alcoholism or addiction in general, often occur together.

Another thing to note here is that candida albicans produce alcohol in your body as a waste product during a process called fermentation. This yeast fermentation releases alcohol can produce a type of alcoholism for the sufferer. This low level alcohol not only produces dizziness and foggy brain, but can be the reason behind your sugar cravings and addictions as well.

Here are the 5 reasons why alcohol consumption is bad for your candida yeast infection:

1. Leads to Low Energy Levels

Alcohol disrupts the REM cycle responsible for that restorative sleep which makes you feel refreshed and well rested after waking up. Good restful sleep is important for your immune system and your longevity. Insufficient sleep can lead to weakened immune system, hormonal imbalance etc. which leads to candida overgrowth.

Excessive alcohol consumption for prolonged period can negatively affect your energy levels and leave you feeling even more tired.

2. Weakens the Liver Function

Liver is one of your primary defense against candida yeast infection. Liver eliminates and processes various toxins from the body. Most of the time our liver is already working very hard to process toxins that leads to headaches, fatigue etc.

It has been observed that drinking alcohol weakens your liver function. Alcohol is first processed by liver and turns it into acetaldehyde. Then it is further turns into acetate (relatively harmless compound). Hence, alcohol along with candida overgrowth significantly increases the load on the liver.

3. Interferes with Immune System

Proper functioning of immune system is important to fight off any disease and keep pathogens like candida albicans in check. Candida can quickly get out of control, if your immune system doesn’t have right amount of white blood cells, gut bacteria, antibodies etc.

Excessive consumption of alcohol can affect your immune system and its capability to handle these threats.

As per a recent study, vodka consumption can cause an immediate rise in immune system activity. 20 minutes after vodka consumption levels of all three immune cells were higher. But after 2-5 hours the levels of white blood cells were significantly reduced. Reduction of white blood cells leads to a weaker immune system.  

4. Destabilizes Your Blood Sugar

Depending upon the type of alcohol you drink and your physiology is, alcohol can have different effects on your blood sugar. Diabetics have to be very careful, drinking alcohol can send their blood sugar to dangerously low levels. Low blood sugar can lead to food cravings and bad food choices, which is not good for candida sufferers.

Also drinks like wine, cocktail and beer contains great amounts of sugar and can raise blood glucose in the short term. Even high blood glucose levels are not good for yeast infection, this disturbs the balance of bacteria in the intestine and gives optimal condition for candida to thrive.

5. Bad for Adrenal Glands

Alcohol can overload the adrenal glands if you have excessive alcohol. Alcohol tends to reduce the blood glucose levels in the body. With dropped sugar levels, the adrenals produces a hormone named cortisol. Apart from other functions, this stress hormone raises your blood sugar back to normal levels.

Healthy adrenals are very important for a strong immune system, controlling inflammation and defending the body against candida overgrowth. Alcohol drains the adrenal glands by dysregulating the blood glucose, which forces the adrenals to produce extra hormones.

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